The One Book That Offers Over One Hundred Creative Ways to Scatter Your Ashes and Other Useful Information

So You’re Cremated…Now What? By Jesse Kalfel

The One Book That Offers Over One Hundred Creative Ways to Scatter Your Ashes and Other Useful Information

According to the National Funeral Directors Association over 46% of Americans will choose cremation by 2015. And they are in good company. Paul Newman, Ethel Merman, Groucho Marx, Marlon Brando, and George Harrison to name a few. But just because you want to be cremated doesn’t make it so. You need to make cremation preparations before you actually check out. And you may have a lot of questions you want answered to create the trouble-free send-off you really would like. Kalfel writes a book for our times-a highly readable guidebook that sheds light and brings great wit to the topic of cremation. Part history, part philosophy, and part comedy, Kalfel gives you cremation and ash scattering legal tips, urn advice, and numerous ash scattering location suggestions before delving into over 100 ways your ashes can be scattered or turned into memorable objects. Kalfel includes a list of celebrities that opted for cremation along with commercially available ash scattering services.

What you can do as a final statement is what this book is all about. If cremation is a considered choice for you or a loved one, this book provides a way to start thinking and discussing this subject. By knowing your options, you can be in the director’s chair for your life’s grand finale.

About the Author

Jesse Kalfel

Winner of two Hatch Awards and grants from the New York State and Massachusetts Councils of the Arts, Jesse Kalfel has written several stage and screen plays. He is currently working on two more books. By day, he works as a Senior Marketing Communications Director managing a large staff of writers and editors for one of the largest global software companies in the world. By night, he wrestles with the Muses to work on his creative writing. He lives with his family north of Boston, Massachusetts.

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