Share your cremation scattering stories

I thought it would be great to start this blog with people sharing their scattering stories after a loved one (person or pet) has been cremated.

I’d like to start with an account I heard that is one of my favorite ash scattering stories. It made me feel that what this couple did was comforting and even poetic. The story comes from a woman who I recently met. I told her about my book, “So You’re Cremated … Now What?” and shared the following. Her husband was terminally ill and chose cremation. So they both took part in discussing what he wanted to do with his ashes. His first choice for scattering his ashes was to be buried on the golf course we he had played with his buddies for years. The grounds keeper said no problem and said he could be spread on the first tee so he could watch over his friends. His scattering second choice was that his wife take a bit of his ashes on all the vacation trips she would have after he was gone and pick a nice spot to scatter his ashes. This gave the husband great comfort knowing what and where he would be. It also gave his wife comfort and a connection to him by having a meaningful and personal ritual to scatter his ashes that she could carry out after he went to the Great Beyond.

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